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How to Introduce Office Dress Code Policy for Your Employees

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secretaryMany professions are associated with some outfit. For example, doctors wear scrubs while lawyers wear suits. Companies also try to introduce a dress code policy. Implementing a dress code policy helps in bringing some form of consistency to the workplace. But it is essential to remember that some people do not like being dictated on what to wear. So when introducing a dress code, you should be ready to strike a balance.

Why Dress Code

There are lots of advantages to introducing a dress code. Maybe you want your employees to appear professional when interacting with your customers, and it works. Dress code includes a particular type of outfit and some specific uniforms that make employees represent your company positively.

People who are involved in labor-intensive activities would also require to wear specific uniforms for safety. People working in the construction industry, food preparation or medical jobs need to wear appropriate clothing legally. A dress code helps in determining to employees what’s appropriate to wear and what’s not.

Dealing with Employees

officialIt’s a blatant assertion that employees do not like dress codes. People like to wake up in the morning and put on whatever makes them comfortable. Many companies that generally allow for a casual dress usually advertise it as a form of getting better applicants.

The biggest downside of introducing an office dress code is that it can easily stifle individuality. When you give employees the total freedom to express their personal style through a dress of their choice, it can help forge a strong company culture. When deciding if to introduce a dress code or not, you need to ensure that it’s in the best interest of your company.

You need to have a good reason to introduce a dress code. Though your employees may be excited to hear that a dress code is coming, they will be able to accept it only when you can provide a good reason for that. If you do not have a good reason, your new policy is likely to be met with a lot of disappointments and confusion.

When introducing a dress code, there are some essential takes you need to observe. Know that one size doesn’t always fit all. You should also listen to your employees on what they think. Do not leave it all for the employees to decide entirely, but give them options to choose from. Be guided by the latest fashion trends and dish out any old ones that may make people uncomfortable. Put your dress code on paper, in a clearly defined way. You should also explain the consequences of violating dress codes.


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General Suit Etiquette for Men

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men suitHave you ever seen a guy walking down the street wearing a suit and you thought they didn’t look as slick and glossy than they would be with some adjustments? If yes, it is probably because they are breaking some important suit rules. It is very important to get it right when wearing suits. A suit is a staple and formal attire that every man should own.

Irrespective of your age, occupation, background or even place of residence, you will at the end find yourself in need of a suit. You might need a suit to dress up for a new job, an interview, a date out with a very important person or even a wedding. This guide explores some important guidelines to follow to get the best out of suits.

Bottom Button

Never button the bottom button of your suit.  This is one of the common mistakes many people make when wearing a suit. Whether your suit jacket has got two buttons or three, whether it is single or double-breasted, you should never button it. Your suit jacket is designed in such a way to have the middle button closed. If you have to close a button, ignore the bottom one as it is just there for style. When you are sitting down, you have to unbutton the jacket

Button your Shirt

Always button the top button of your shirt. You are supposed to use all the buttons on a shirt. If by chance you can’t close the top button of the shirt without choking yourself, then you have to get a new shirt. If you leave it unbuttoned and just pull the tie all up, there is no one you are fooling apart from yourself. But in case dancing starts after a party, you should feel free to loosen the tie-up.

Fitting Jacket

Though this point sounds like an obvious one, it is not always the case. The shoulders of your suit should always hug your own shoulders. There should be no any gap between the collar of your shirt and the collar of your jacket. On the jacket sleeves, they should be about a half-inch shorter than your shirt sleeves. Anything else makes the jacket too big for you. However, be careful not to overdo it.

These days, skinny fit suits are very popular and make one look good. Your shirt cuffs should not go over your hands. Ensure that your trousers fit too. For the belt, ensure that it matches with your shoes. The shoes you wear should complement the color of your suit.

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How to dress appropriately for body type

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decent dressingHave you ever tried a dress that looked beautiful in a store but awful the next day while at home? If yes, we can relate. Figuring out your actual body shape can be a daunting task. We love the fact that everyone looks different, because of varying body shapes and personalities. But besides all these aspects, we want to stand out from the rest.

If you know your basic body shape, you will have a better understanding of the types of clothes that will show off your good features and minimize any areas that you appear less than perfect. Today, there are so many options to choose from, and you will be able to find something that fits your body type and style.


Dress According to Your Body Type

When choosing which clothes to wear, you want to create an illusion of having a balanced body. The neat hourglass body type is considered by many as the best. Shoulders and hips define this type of frame in line, a curved bottom, a small waist and a defined bust.


The problem women face when trying to understand their body type is trying to focus on a specific area. They focus on problem areas such as the tummy, bottom, arms, and thighs among others.  This aspect can infiltrate your judgment as far as seeing the whole picture is concerned. It is essential not to focus on one body type so that you get a dress that fits you best.


To have a better understanding of your body, look at yourself in the mirror while dressing in your briefs. Stand in a posture such that your legs are together with arms a bit far from your sides. Examine yourself and note the body shape and type that best defines you. These body types include; the inverted triangle, the rectangular body, the lean column body shape, the apple body shape, the pear body shape, the neat hourglass and the full hourglass body shape.

After analyzing these body types, you will perhaps know what looks best on you. Always look for a dress that will make you feel confident.  Most woman will still want to show their curves. For this reason, it is important to choose clothes that put a more significant focus around the waist. Avoid baggy clothes as your primary attention is directed towards the waist. When it comes to undergarments, chose those that fit correctly and be sure to wear the right type of bra.








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