Most Commonly Used Customer Intimacy Strategies

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We are living in a high-paced world and one of the problems companies such as tow truck falls church va face is to permanently and consistently nail down repeat customers. When companies fail to connect closely enough with their customers, a lot of problems begin to emerge. As a business, you must ensure your core product provides value for your customers and becomes the driving force behind the success of your business.

However, there is much more value you could proactively provide to your customers so that you can increase customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.

What is customer intimacy?

Customer intimacy is a business strategy that is based on high attention to customer needs. It aims to measure a company’s alignment and prioritization of needs. It may involve close contact and outreach to customers across a range of different channels. Customer intimacy is key to increasing customer loyalty and fostering customer-driven revenue for businesses.

Here are some of the most common strategies you can use to increase customer intimacy.

Implement operational practices

The first of the strategies you can apply is to implement operations practices and prioritize the customer. This involves listening to customer concerns, analyzing those concerns, and acting to them. More importantly, you need to implement practices that prioritize them, rather than discouraging them.

Set up policies

You need to create, enforce and adopt customer-centric policies. Get customer service policies that benefit and help your customers get more value from your products and services. Take a good example from what Zappos does. It has several policies in place such as the ability to send back shoes you don’t like, all done free of charge, free shipping both ways as well as a 365-day return policy.

Value your customers

You must let your customers know they are valued. Walk the walk on telling your customers that their feedback and input are valued and appreciated. You can ensure this happens by appointing customer advisory boards and creating a forum for your customers to communicate. Additionally, reach out to high valued customers and get their inputs and ideas


Write case studies about your customers

Make full use of social proof by writing case studies and asking for testimonials from your happy customers. Having such information will help prospective customers checking on you to decide if they want to do business with you or not. Additionally, it will give your products or services much needed boost as marketing material to further bolster your revenues.

Reward your customers

You need to hold competitions with your customers and reward them for their loyalty and advocacy. Once you have built a solid customer base that is fully engaged and excited about your brand, start rewarding them so that they can become your loyal advocates. Hold key competitions and create a point-based system that rewards customers for their loyalty and advocacy, on activities such as leaving a review on social media, commenting, and sharing your products and services, among others.

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