General Suit Etiquette for Men

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men suitHave you ever seen a guy walking down the street wearing a suit and you thought they didn’t look as slick and glossy than they would be with some adjustments? If yes, it is probably because they are breaking some important suit rules. It is very important to get it right when wearing suits. A suit is a staple and formal attire that every man should own.

Irrespective of your age, occupation, background or even place of residence, you will at the end find yourself in need of a suit. You might need a suit to dress up for a new job, an interview, a date out with a very important person or even a wedding. This guide explores some important guidelines to follow to get the best out of suits.

Bottom Button

Never button the bottom button of your suit.  This is one of the common mistakes many people make when wearing a suit. Whether your suit jacket has got two buttons or three, whether it is single or double-breasted, you should never button it. Your suit jacket is designed in such a way to have the middle button closed. If you have to close a button, ignore the bottom one as it is just there for style. When you are sitting down, you have to unbutton the jacket

Button your Shirt

Always button the top button of your shirt. You are supposed to use all the buttons on a shirt. If by chance you can’t close the top button of the shirt without choking yourself, then you have to get a new shirt. If you leave it unbuttoned and just pull the tie all up, there is no one you are fooling apart from yourself. But in case dancing starts after a party, you should feel free to loosen the tie-up.

Fitting Jacket

Though this point sounds like an obvious one, it is not always the case. The shoulders of your suit should always hug your own shoulders. There should be no any gap between the collar of your shirt and the collar of your jacket. On the jacket sleeves, they should be about a half-inch shorter than your shirt sleeves. Anything else makes the jacket too big for you. However, be careful not to overdo it.

These days, skinny fit suits are very popular and make one look good. Your shirt cuffs should not go over your hands. Ensure that your trousers fit too. For the belt, ensure that it matches with your shoes. The shoes you wear should complement the color of your suit.

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